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"Typography through mapping" 2021

This typographic exercise was an exploration of type through mapping. Using a randomly generated postcode, I designed letters based on the different shapes found in the neighbourhood. 

"Apple x Goldsmiths 'Thing Power' project" 2021

This collaborative project was a response to a community-oriented brief set by Apple. We focused on discarded objects and the culture of leaving objects in front of houses in the area of New Cross. We questioned how we can assign value to objects and developed an algorithm, drawing on the concept of Thing Power. Envisioning New Cross as an open shop, we experimented with the concept of Thing Power being used as currency, drawing emphasis on the emotional value attached to objects. Our design outcome was 'the Thing Tag'; a waterproof tag that is to be wrapped around objects that are being discarded and filled out, documenting their history.  Additionally, we prototyped a website to function as an archive of the objects while also mapping their movement around New Cross.

"Snap out of it! Digital Publication" 2020

"Snap out of it!" explores daydreaming as an escapist method. This digital publication functions as a proposal, inviting people to visualize their daydreams through processes of immersion, dissociation, and fragmentation. Through a combination of media such as collage and illustration and video, I created depictions of the subconscious.   


"Snap out of it!" 2020

"Snap out of it!" explores daydreaming as an escapist method. I was interested in visualizing daydreaming and conveying the precesses of immersion, dissociation, and fragmentation during the experience. I combined collage, drawing, video, and illustration to create immersive mix-media collages depicting the journey through our subconscious. I performed various drawing and collaging exercises under time constraints to achieve the most authentic result possible. Additionally, I sewed a shirt and pants as a prop used in the videos, acting as a blank canvas for the green-screened paint.


"Doomsday" 2020

This project revolved around the subculture of doomsday preppers. This subculture was explored through analyzing the visual language of preppers and survivalists and then envisioning and modelling a fictional island based on their ideology. The imagined doomsday scenario was the notion of a disappointing apocalypse ie. a non-threatening event such as a social media meltdown. Based on this, I created a publication and a visual language of the fictional island. 

"Doomsday" 2020

Based on the visual language created during the 'Doomsday' project, I designed and screen-printed posters conveying the technological catastrophe through the glitch texture, as well as conveying fear through the explosive bright shape in the middle. 

'Shifting Identity' is a project revolving around the cultural shift in the Czech Republic after the revolution in 1989. The project consists of 3 outcomes, this one being the digital gallery showing the video and photography work. To holistically portray the themes of learning a new culture and hauntology, each video and group of photographs act as a lens through which we can view the cultural shift in post-socialist Czech Republic.


"Shifting Identity (digital gallery)" 2020

"Holy Trinity" 2020

This outcome of the 'Shifting Identity' project explores the cultural shift within food and textiles, two areas that are not usually combined together. The shirt is made of traditional bedding fabric with a subtle floral print. The three gastronomical stereotypes; beer, an open-faced sandwich, and a traditional pork sausage humorously comment on the cultural changes within those areas. 


"Shifting Identity (research)" 2020

These collages, each focusing on a different theme of the cultural shift were created in the process of the 'Shifting Identity' project. They were designed using postcards, letters, and photographs from the communist era as well as traditional lace fabrics my great-grandmother made and snack wrappers my mother collected when she was a child. The mix-media collages portray themes of childhood, travel, community, tradition, the introduction of the free market, and industrialization. 


"Broccoli Vase" 2019-2020

The 'Broccoli Vase' was designed in response to a Victoria and Albert Museum project, with the aim of creating an additional object to an existing collection. I chose the ceramics collection, designing the Broccoli Vase in order to highlight the lack of nature-replicating objects in people's homes. The project commented on the tension between nature and man and our obsession with straight lines and right angles. The 'Broccoli Vase' was exhibited at Czech Design Week, international design festival in September 2020 and was awarded the Czech Design Award for 'discovery of the year'. It is currently exhibited in the Art District Vyšehrad until spring 2021. 

"Book covers - UAL short course" 2018

Three book cover designs I made during the UAL digital design course. 

In the 'The environment keeps happening to me' project,  we explored the environment of Forest Hill Library in London through mapping. We focused on movement, light, and sound and mapped these out using string and projection which highlighted the architectural features of the space. We proposed an intervention for space, where we wanted to organize a community carpet weaving session. Unfortunately, it could not take place, due to Covid-19, .

"Forest Hill Library" 2020

"Sixteen Sights" 2019

As part of my International Baccalaureate Art exhibition revolving around the theme of memory, I designed and illustrated 16 postcards each based on a place around the world which I visited. I was inspired by the Japanese practice of putting a strong emphasis on line and color. Each illustration was printed with a postcard layout back and exhibited hanging on a string at the Pragovka Gallery during my IB exhibition.

As part of my exploration of the theme of memory, I was interested in recreation and reconstruction of the past. I designed this sketchbook consisting of family photos, illustrations, postcards, and stamps to explore the idea of collective memory. 

"Vzpomínky" 2018

"Home Sweet Home" 2019

'Home Sweet Home' is a 3D relief sculpture commenting on the hostile architecture of the communist era. The model board panels contrast the traditional Czech fabrics representing the diversity and rich personality that is hidden behind the concrete facades of our cities. The piece was exhibited in the Pragovka Gallery in April 2019.

Heda Antošová © 2021

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