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"Matrix Remastered" 2021

The aim of this one-week rapid response project was to recreate an effect used in The Matrix while changing the narrative and visuals. The outcome was an experimental film with a purposefully distorted and mystified storyline. 

"Snap out of it!" 2020

"Snap out of it!" explores daydreaming as an escapist method. I was interested in visualizing daydreaming and conveying the precesses of immersion, dissociation, and fragmentation during the experience. I combined collage, drawing, video, and illustration to create immersive mix-media collages depicting the journey through our subconscious. I performed various drawing and collaging exercises under time constraints to achieve the most authentic result possible. Additionally, I sewed a shirt and pants as a prop used in the videos, acting as a blank canvas for the green-screened paint.


"8" 2020

As part of the 'Shifting Identity' project, I visualized different aspects of the cultural shift around the year 1989. Each video acted as a lens through which the cultural change could be observed. '8' is a video collage portraying the homogenous concrete landscape of the eastern block, contrasting with colourful scans of lenticular and personal photographs. 


"Block" 2020

This video collage brings to light the individualism and personality hidden behind concrete blockhouses and through sound, creates an experience of walking on the street, looking into people's windows.  


"Red white and blue" 2020

This video projection consists of a paper collage with video added to it and portrays themes of traveling. 


"Lunch menu" 2020

"Lunch menu" explores food as a lens through which we can look at cultural change. It utilizes the textile outcome of the 'Shifting Identity' project and explores the change in food and packaging design pre- and post-revolution. 


"LARPing" 2019

This documentary film explores the subculture of Live Action Role Play in the UK.

Heda Antošová © 2021

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