"Zmije" 2020

Short comic revolving around the Czech 'viper hat'.

"Matějská" 2020

Based on a Prague fair, this illustration extracts the key visual elements of my experience; color, line, and texture. 

"Sixteen Sights" 2019

As part of my International Baccalaureate Art exhibition revolving around the theme of memory, I designed and illustrated 16 postcards each based on a place around the world which I visited. I was inspired by the Japanese practice of putting a strong emphasis on line and color. Each illustration was printed with a postcard layout back and exhibited hanging on a string at the Pragovka Gallery during my IB exhibition.

Spatial illustrations of my grandmother's living room as research for 'The Room' painting. 

"Spatial Illustrations" 2018

"The Room" 2018

420 x 594mm, acrylic on canvas. 

This painting of my grandmother's living room was exhibited at the Pragovka Gallery. 

"1975" 2019

594 x 841mm, oil on canvas. 

'1975' is based on a family photograph and using a blur technique, explores the theme of memory, and visualizes the process of forgetting. 

Heda Antošová © 2021

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